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GdR - Patented

TECNIDEA CIDUE has planned a range of automatic and manual products to tighten the driven shaft of chain, ribbon, belt, wire mesh-conveyors etc. These solutions can help the designers to eliminate elaborate and expensive systems, replacing them with a pressure unit available on the market.

Particularly these articles are the result of a planning evolution of the spring elastic elements: TEN BLOC e ASSO.

Both these evolutions, in their turn, are shared into two categories: AUTOMATIC (with spring) and MANUAL.

The TEN BLOC automatic units, in this part, are called: DECA (elastic element with internal spring), DECA Pr (elastic element with internal spring and preloading system) and DECA Un (one-directional elastic element with internal spring but with movement only in drag conditions). The TEN BLOC manual units of this part are called GdR. The ASSO automatic or manual return units offer innumerable installation choices and are classed with the following marks: GRAF – GRAL – GRF – GRL – GRS. After the basic elements there are some interface kits to stretch the return shift of the conveyor both fixed and idle. All the elastic elements can be equipped with F.C.E “Travel-end switch” for the operation control.


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