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3KD - Patented

3KD is one of TECNIDEA CIDUE’s patented products. Before describing the features of this item and explaining its technical details, we should give a brief overview of chain transmissions and their usage restrictions.

Traditional chains can only operate on a flat surface. For this reason, if a motor drive has axes that are not perpendicular to the work surface of the chain, suitable devices need to be used such as angle transmissions, conical pairs and reducer shafts to transmit motion to the other parts. The main drawback of chains is their two-dimensional nature and the fact that parts cannot be reached in space regardless of their position. If there are devices on different surfaces, a chain is needed for each drive surface, along with a shaft, a support and device for shunting movement onto the surface where the chain is located.

This form of transportation can only be carried out using chains fitted with increased backlash between their constituent components (plates, pivots, bushings and rollers) so that the chains can form a curved trajectory on the surface on which they are positioned and therefore also connect parts not arranged in the same direction. In any case, the curves that these chains can create make it possible to connect parts positioned in different directions, although they must be located a short distance away and have a detrimental effect on the performance of the transmission and its life, with significant wear of the conveying shoulder. The increased backlash between the different chain elements produces very high levels of friction between both the internal and external plates and the chain and sliding guides. In the same way as for the chains used in the transmission, movement can naturally only be developed on a single level. The main objective of 3KD multidirectional chains is to overcome the limits of the applications of traditional chains, providing customers with a transmission device or interlocking flexible transportation device that can bend in any direction in space.


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