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VIB elements are mechanical components which use the elastic deformation of four rubber cylinders inside the holes resulting from the coupling of two square section elements rotated 45° degrees from one another. The maximum torsion angle is ±30° from their equilibrium position and it’s inversely proportional to the oscillation frequency.

The VIB elements can be used in different applications as: “springs”, “shock absorbers”, “decelerators”, “oscillating supports”, “antivibrating supports”. VIB elements work in an operating field which varies between -40°C and +80°C and in every environmental condition since they are insensible to dirt and really resilient to water and solar rays. VIB products found great use in those fields where mechanical vibrations come into play, since these elements can be used, on precise frequencies, both to amplify the propagation of vibrations but also to absorb oscillating stresses on the machinery’s structure. VIB elastic elements have in fact nowadays replaced traditional mechanical springs as suspension in vibrating screens, conveyors, shaker conveyors, sieves because they work better in propagating vibrations along the whole conveyor and at the same time isolating the oscillating masses from the fixed structure, negating the propagation of the vibrations to the surrounding environment.

VIB elastic elements have found wide use as plansichter suspension and eccentric rotating mass screens.


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