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General terms of sale


1    ORDERS - Orders of standard and special materials must always be referred to TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. offers. Orders are binding for clients. Once the manufacturing has started, any cancellations or reductions won’t be accepted, excepting indemnity of manufacturing and material costs met up to cancellation, which will be in any case quantified by TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l..

2    PRICES - Only the effective prices at order-date are valid. All prices have to be understood Ex-Factory, excluding packing. In case of possible increases of manufacturing costs, materials and so on, between the date of our order-confirmation and completing of order, TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. can adapt the prices, also for pending orders, to the occurred increases.

3    DELIVERY TERMS - Only the delivery time stated by TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. are valid. However they are only approximate. In cases of difficulties in supply of raw materials, strikes, or circumstances beyond our control, delivery times are automatically deferred with no obligation on TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. to indemnify the customer in any case. The customer must collect the ordered material when it gets ready.

4    DISPATCH - The shipment of goods, including freight free deliveries, is went at the purchaser’s own risk. If the quantity of the goods is inferior to the ordered ones, TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. must be informed within eight (8) days from the receipt of the goods. If transport freight are charged, even if partially, by TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l., TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. reserves the right to choose the less expensive means of conveyance.

5    PACKING - Packing is charged at cost.

6    RETURNED GOODS - TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. doesn’t accept previously unauthorised returned goods. Returned goods have to be free warehouse, packing and clearance included. The 15% of the value of the returned goods will be charged you to recover the storage and bookkeeping costs. 

7    WARRANTY - Messrs TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. undertakes to repair or replace, freely, the pieces TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. recognizes as faulty. Defective goods have to be returned to the base of too free warehouse, packing and clearance included. The warranty decays when pieces returned as faulty have been repaired or tampered with. Repairing of defective pieces made by the buyer will be recognized only if authorised by TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. and after its approval of the estimate of expenditure. TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. doesn’t take the responsibility and doesn’t recognize any indemnity for possible damages, which occurred during the use of its products, even if defective.

8    RESPONSABILITY - TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. doesn’t take the responsibility and doesn’t recognize any indemnity for possible damages, which would occur during the use of its products, even if defective. TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. declines all responsibility for the execution of details on customer’s drawing, that are subjected to possible patents. 

9    PAYMENTS - Only payments that have been effected according to agreed terms, will be considered valid. Once the payment terms have been expired, TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. will calculate the default interests at 3% higher than the legal ones and TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. has the right to demand the payment. In any case of delayed or no-payment  TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l. reserves the right to interrupt the deliveries of the pending orders or to demand the payment in advance without any type of indemnity or compensation. The customer has to make the payment at the established date for the total amount of the invoice and without any deduction, even for claimed manufacturing or already owned materials.

10    PROPERTY - the property of delivered goods always belongs to TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l.  up to the time of the complete payment of the invoices.

11    PLACE OF JURISDICTION - In the case of debate the Court of Verona have the exclusive jurisdiction for any commercial relations of TECNIDEA CIDUE S.r.l.


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