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The story of Tecnidea Cidue

Tecnidea Cidue “TC2” was born on 15 January 1988.

I set it up in order to be able to offer the world of mechanics and industry in general some products I designed which, being innovative, would have made a positive contribution to the natural evolution of technical applications.

Many people are attracted by music or acting, poetry or painting etc; as far as I'm concerned I have always had and still have a total passion for technical sciences and mechanics, in this area I realize myself, here I get professional satisfaction and pleasure, but, above all, I find the strength to start over every day to fight for the purpose to win my daily technical challenge.



A continuous evolution

    The first product I made was the TEN BLOC automatic axial chain tensioner; I still remember with great emotion the joy it gave me to have built it and seen it in operation. TEN BLOC was also my first patent and despite the years it is still very current.
    I remember the CAFRA S locking units and connection units. This is a product that is used to connect moving parts or metal carpentry. Its main feature is to exploit the plastic elasticity of metals.
    Then ARCO arrived, a rotating elastic element entirely in steel, compact and which can work in very harsh conditions such as low and high temperatures. AIR/OIL are the top of the technology now known as they can work in push or pull, with low or very high forces but above all they can be connected to functional control and command circuits.
    CRESA, VIB, CIAO are three product lines that exploit the same operating principle, i.e. the elastic deformation of four rubber cylinders placed in the compartments resulting from the coupling of two elements with a square section rotated between them by an angle of 45°. CRESA made in steel and CIAO in plastic. VIB allow to satisfy many application solutions in anti-vibration, oscillating, damping, insulating and suspension systems.
  • 3KD
    3KD is the most revolutionary patent in chain drive. It elevates mechanics from a two-dimensional reality to the third dimension.
    Then I designed and built ASSO, simple but ductile and usable in many applications. TEN JOY is instead an ad hoc product for roller and roller conveyors. Thanks to its conformation it allows to adapt perfectly in this context. BLU, plastic axial tensioner, allows you to solve problems of corrosion and safety at work through a LEDs installation on the column.
  • GRIGIO - GdR - BIG TEN - 45T - ECO
    The GRIGIO axle solutions are recent in their conception and design: spring tensioner; GdR: referral group; BIG TEN: heavy loads. In the world of rotational applications, instead, 45T with springs, ECO with natural rubber.
  • TOKI
    TOKI is the latest addition to the family, to cover the whole area of packaging, food, beverage and bottling machines.


We are professional and reliable provider since we offer customers the most powerful and beautiful themes. Besides, we always catch the latest technology and adapt to follow world’s new trends to deliver the best themes to the market.

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